How dare they? Those mere Muggles believe that they can make fun of me? Apparently, they don't know who I am. Their Ministry hasn't warned them enough about me. The magnitude of their boldness will cost them. I do not pity them, for they are asking for my wrath. They understand that I am a force to be reckoned with, but just how big of a force, they can not fully comprehend until they are faced with it. If they were fully aware of who I am, they would have been wise enough to stay within their own little, pathetic world. The nerve of some people. 
At least when I dispose of the vermin, those enforcers in costumes will not be able to find a cause of death. Ah, the beauty of the Killing Curse. 
And what exactly does this child wearing a sock hat mean by he "looks like Voldemort?" Is he saying something about how I look? I will never be able to make people understand their mistakes unless I punish them myself, but I don't have time for trivial tasks such as that. Especially when it comes to Muggles. There is no worse way to waste time than by wasting it on them. 

12/5/2012 09:10:23 am

"enforcers in costumes?" You mean the police?

12/5/2012 09:13:03 am

Don't worry, My Lord, I can help you get rid of them. Those insignificant rats won't even know what hit them. And what is he talking about? He is far worse looking than you.


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